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Kāna`i & Kaleo


  Kāna`i & Kaleo is completely new to what we're trying to do with our brand. An area we never knew was possible. There's so much amazing brands out there that I'm just trying to find a place in the mix. I wanted to do something that's a little more timeless, something more than our typical t-shirt release. I don't think there's anything better than a perfect Aloha shirt to wear day or night. 

  Behind the scenes, it hasn't been easy. Going back and forth with different manufacturers, finding the perfect sizing, making sure quality was on point, hitting the colors I want, the fit, the style, and the signature wooden buttons. We're still in the early stages with our releases, but I think I've found something that fits what I'm trying to do. I went with a type of 4-way stretch material, the kind of material you use for your board shorts. So the material is comfortable, it's breathable and cool, has a little stretch, nearly wrinkle-free, and dries quickly if you ever sweat, get caught in the rain, spill a drink on it, etc. The fit is more of a relaxed fit, not your typical wide aloha shirts, not a slim fit, but kind of a classy/casual cut.

  I've been telling people to just try it. If you like it, great! If you don't, that's okay too. But you HAVE TO try it on at least. So far, the people who've bought ONE, are constantly calling me back to see when the next release is. So with these button-ups, it's a limited release. So far I've only made 51, or less, of each design. If that's not limited, then I have no clue what is! 1 of 51 people to own a certain Aloha shirt? Hey, can't beat that! That's always been a thing for me, no one's trying to go out somewhere and EVERYONE is wearing the exact same thing. But you heard it here first, 1 of 51.

  Kāna`i & Kaleo Set 2.0 is set to release August 20th. Featuring our Cotton Candy Pink Hibiscus and Pineapple Stone. DO NOT MISS THESE!


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