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Location: Maui, HI


Coming out blazing from the island of Maui, One Inity has been on fire since the release of their debut CD, entitled One Life. With hit singles, "Greener," "Deliverance," "Inity," "Red-Eye Souljah," and "One Life," topping the charts, they've put a stamp on their distinct and unique sound. Although the band originally formed eight years ago, they recently went through a restructuring period, with the addition of three new, instrumental members. One Inity emerged from this transition ready to bring the heat and have evolved into a dynamic combination of talent and sound.

The name One Inity is rooted in the term "Ini," a Rastafarian expression meaning you and me, or we, combined with the word Unity. The face of One Inity is a mixture of culture, ethnicity, background, and style. They have been labeled by some as the reggae "Black Eyed Peas" because of their fusion of male and female vocalists. With four singers, two male and two female, all frontrunners in their own right, they take the listener on a diversified musical journey.

Jose Tabisola is one of the three original members of One Inity and sings and plays ukulele. Logan "Kaniela" Kealoha, also one of the original members, sings and plays guitar. Aaron Kahahane, the third founding member and original bass player, is now bubbling on the keys. Bryan Amodo, the forth pillar to join One Inity, is the man on the drums. Leilani Stark has been singing with the band since the age of 16, minus a short absence. Kai Pilger united with One Inity right before the release of One Life and has been holding down the bass line ever since. Keyboardist Turner Horton moved to Maui in February, 2010, and almost immediately hooked up with the band. Uilani "Kalisi" Tau is one of the newest members to join forces with One Inity and has been singing since she can remember.

Being an independent label can be a struggle for a new band, especially in a market that is saturated with people trying to make it in the competitive music industry. But good music speaks for itself and One Inity has been busy branding a sound and style that is uniquely theirs. They are scheduled to get back in the studio in January, 2011, and begin laying tracks for their sophomore album. Having positioned themselves as one of the hottest new bands coming out of Hawaii, anticipation on the new release is already building. Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing their music or seeing them play live knows that they are witnessing a rising reggae sensation.


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Genre: Rootz Reggae

Albums: One Life
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